RIP Bob Piper

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RIP Bob Piper

Postby big_dangerous_world » April 27th, 2015, 10:06am

Bob was a wonderful person and a fantastic musician. I am lucky to have been able to share the stage with him. May you rest in peace my friend. You will be missed.
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Re: RIP Bob Piper

Postby mixmaster » April 29th, 2015, 10:32am

Rest easy my brother, We're sad to see you go.

Love Mike and Dawn

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Re: RIP Bob Piper

Postby Grzyby15 » May 25th, 2015, 8:03am

Rest in peace, sending greetings to family and friends.

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Re: RIP Bob Piper

Postby Helmsjamie76 » April 4th, 2019, 12:40pm

Its 2019 and I still miss him, he was close friends with allot of people. He was very dynamic as a musician and one of kind. He played with many great musicians in his life time. My friend Jerry piper was his nephew as we still play together and we are in production of starting a new band. Its amazing how many ties role together in family of musician blood or no blood. Brothers and sisters unit together and live and be happy.

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