On The Rox Band - Stockman's Tavern

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On The Rox Band - Stockman's Tavern

Postby OGP » June 30th, 2014, 2:45pm

A bunch of us were out cruising last Sunday afternoon and happen upon a bar on transit road in Clarence called Stockman’s. There was a band playing outside, lines of bikes in the parking lot, cars parked along transit road. We decided to stop, check the place out, hear some live music. The band playing was called On The Rox. What a fantastic band! Fronted by two female singers, a great lead guitarist, bass, keys and drums. The bar tender said it’s was one of area’s top bands that plays there regularly and always bring in a large crowds. Band was playing all kinds of songs, blues, rock, country rock, dance songs. They opened their last set with Allman Bros. “One Way Out” – one of my favorite songs, all I can say is Wow. We ended up staying until to the band finished. Spent a few minutes after talking with the lead guitarist, saying the band has been around for over ten years, band members have been playing forever, have an email distribution list for upcoming gigs, which I added my email address. If you get a chance watch for and check this band out. This band rocks…..


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