Is there a Bass Player that enjoys Original Rock?

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Is there a Bass Player that enjoys Original Rock?

Postby relfaithsp » October 28th, 2014, 1:04pm

Yes, you heard it, we are NOT a 1,4,5 cover band :) We're a lot of fun and we're doing something musically that is extremely entertaining and great fun to play live. There is real potential to tour and play out of town with this group.

We just released a new CD, and are ready to play out. This is a group that specializes in Original Rock music. We have all the other players, including lead & ryth gtrs, drums, bkgd. vocals, keyboards, and both male and female lead vocals. We have our own in-ear monitor system, so everyone gets their own stereo mix with whatever they want to hear.

We're looking for someone that has no drama problems. Other than that, it's none of our business.

Check out some of our music on our website to see what type of music we're about:
If you have heard the music, are interested and you want to meet, call or text me at 716-604-7668

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