Drummer & Guitarist wanted for heavy/speed metal band

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Drummer & Guitarist wanted for heavy/speed metal band

Postby TheMisanthrope » April 24th, 2016, 12:19am

Looking for a drummer and guitarist for metal band Heathens. Have a set list of songs ready (some recordings on BandCamp page). Want to gig out, make records and see how far this could go.
I played drums on these recordings. Looking for a drummer who can play well (double bass helps too) and a guitarist to collaborate with who can rip some sick solos and leads.

Influences for this band include - Bathory, Carnivore, Midnight, Motorhead, Venom +more!
Willing to put a cut in for a space and willing to supply drum kit for practice (you must have your own for gigs).
Wanting to play out of town more. If you are not wanting to tour, please let me know beforehand.

Interested? Reply by here or to the FaceBook page listed below.
Ages 21 and up.

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