established band seeks new female singer.

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established band seeks new female singer.

Postby Ironsoul » June 8th, 2016, 1:43pm

Hi. We lost our singer recently and are looking for a replacement. We are Ironsoul from Buffalo/Tonawanda area. Our music is kind of a mix of many influences including classic rock/hard rock/ older heavy metal all into one with a little blues sprinkled in there. We are looking to move on ASAP and would like to find someone dedicated and excited about music. It is our passion and our lives and we are looking for someone who shares the same feelings. We are a super laid back and stress free environment, but we do like to be productive. Having fun is our #1 goal. We have a demo available, only one so far because we got scammed by some non legit studio for everything we had and nothing to show for it. We are planning to hit a reputable studio in the coming months. We are all mid 20s to early 30s and prefer someone relatively close in age. Obviously we wouldn't turn someone away for being out of that range though.

Email me at if you are interested here are 2 of our demos

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