I need a refret done, need stainless steel Jescar frets put in

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I need a refret done, need stainless steel Jescar frets put in

Postby Nkzx » December 15th, 2015, 2:19pm

Hi, first post here...hopefully someone can help me out.

Is anyone in the Buffalo or south towns area capable of doing a refret and working with stainless steel Jescar frets? I am not interested in someone putting new nickel frets on this guitar only for me to wear them down in a few years, and have to pay yet again for another refret job (what a vicious cycle!).

I prefer the Jescar brand of SS fret wire, as this is what almost all of the high end builders use stock (Suhr, Tom Andersen, Ernie Ball Music Man, Kiesel (Carvin), Jackson Custom Shop, Charvel Custom Shop, list goes on...) and this is what I am accustomed to on some of my other instruments that had them from the start.

I am quite apprehensive about getting this done, but the frets are so worn down on this guitar that it is basically unplayable at this time.

I've been able to find quite a few shops online that specialize in SS fret jobs, that have the equipment and skill to do so...but since none of them are near here in the BLo area (that I know of), I would have to ship my guitar to them; not exactly keen on doing this, however if this ends up being the only choice, then I guess that is what I will have to do.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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