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Postby johmacdonald » February 8th, 2016, 6:24pm

Upon a brief setup and transition, the main event was ahead. Luke Wade with No Civilians took center stage dressed for success. The band featured a drummer, lead guitarist, bassist, trumpeter, sax player, and former The Voice contestant Luke Wade singer/songwriter. His music added a brand new flavor to the night. The band played some of their featured hits and even some new songs going into recording this week. Playing on, the band brightened the air to a jazzy side of a pop lyric utilizing the trumpet, sax, and bass to sap it up. The guitarist with synth tones accompanied with Luke’s guitar set the groove, leading the audience into a side--side sway with plenty of fun energy. The drums played a lighter, more swing beat with the tempo and smoothed in with the band. In addition, Luke’s vocals were a mid to high range through the lyric with crisp dynamics and catchy tones. The sound came together professionally with not a single missed step. Further through the show, Luke became personal with the crowd. Sharing his whimsical, comedian side engaging everyone to laugh and enjoy themselves. Continuing, he gave details that went into his music and more about who he is. Which Luke stated as, “People tend to enjoy you more when they know who you are as a person.” Then humorously sings to fans close to the stage, happily taking a quick selfie with their phone without losing his place in the song. In addition to the fun, lyrically all his music made sense and could be great for driving around, on a date, or out at a concert. The band that was backing it all, boosted each individual sound that drove the music into being more alive and playing over and over in everyone’s head for sure. His version of Amazed also brought in plenty of roaring cheers and whistling. Among the end, the artists were even persuaded into an encore of the night with the crowd begging for more. Humbly, the band performed a couple more songs to appease all the fans. Overall the efforts and performance put forth are definitely something to attend in person, and that I personally would like to hear played across the radio networks. Progressing on, after the show Luke stuck around to greet fans and sign autographs. I, as well journeyed over and spoke with him. The very composed gentleman, Luke, was appreciative to gain more followers and really looks forward to engaging with them. Even to go to lunch with some. On the scale of the artists to look forward to, I would rate him right next to Adele in the sense I wouldn’t mind his music being overplayed by mainstream media. If anyone is looking to have a nice evening, feel free to check these guys out. There well worth the time sound great live. ---Johnathon MacDonald

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